Seeking Board Treasurer

Our current Board Treasurer is stepping down after seven years of service to BP3. We are seeking someone to fill this important position as soon as possible. They will sit on the Board, manage BP3’s annual budget of approximately $110k, administer fiscal matters...

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Not Clinging to Outcome

When difficulties provide the lessons we need By Diane Wilde, BP3 Founder   At California State Prison Sacramento, we have had two or three major shifts in our sanghas (communities) as our “elders” have transitioned to other prisons or been released. Creating a...

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Job Title: Executive Director

Mission Statement Buddhist Pathways Prison Project is a California nonprofit corporation, comprised mostly of volunteers, whose mission is to bring the core teachings of the historical Buddha of non-harming, meditation, and wisdom into prisons and jails as well as...

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One Mindful Breath: Notes from Ironwood

By Eddie [Note: Per the author’s request, this piece was slightly edited for publication.] Greetings, with the utmost love I send my love to all of you. Here is the story of how the Dharma has helped with my journey in life… Once again thank you so much for constantly...

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New Trainings To Be Offered at BP3 Retreat in August

By Amanda DeHart and Walt Opie All BP3 volunteers are welcome to attend the upcoming Training and Community Retreat from August 9 - 11. Please note that if you have not registered yet, you will need to register no later than July 5 so we can give the Mercy Center an...

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Volunteer Profile: Ven. De Hong

By Walt Opie A very dedicated volunteer and currently a Board member, Ven. De Hong visits seven prisons per month in California on behalf of both Buddhist Pathways Prison Project (BP3) and the organization he co-founded, The Engaged Buddhist Alliance (EBA), which is...

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Eddie’s Story

by Rev. Diane Wilde, BP3 Founder I am a Buddhist prison chaplain. My sanghas are in prison, and the people I minister are primarily Maximum Security, Level 4 prisoners, located in Northern California. I have found it to be a prime place to practice Dharma, both for...

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Practicing Forgiveness from a Buddhist Perspective

by Walt Opie, BP3 Executive Director Forgiveness was the main theme of our recent 2017 BP3 retreat, facilitated by Buddhist Chaplain Susan Shannon, who serves the men on Death Row at San Quentin State Prison. Forgiveness includes forgiving ourselves as well as...

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BP3 receives Round 3 Innovative Grants

Last December, Buddhist Pathways Prison Project was awarded several Round Three Innovative Grants from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to bring our programs (including silent daylongs and monthly services) into three state prisons...

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