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BP3 Mission

Buddhist Pathways Prison Project is a California nonprofit corporation, comprised mostly of volunteers, whose mission is to bring the core teachings of the historical Buddha of non-harming, meditation, and wisdom into prisons and jails as well as federal penal institutions.

Through mindful awareness, incarcerated sangha (community) members gain the wisdom that fosters durable self-transformation and insight into the inner conditions that led to incarceration.

Great news, I completed my parole… Still going to college, made honor roll, working and meditating, life sure is good… With all my dearest heartfelt respect, I thank you for helping me on the right path to total freedom from the inside out.

Former BP3 Participant at CSP-Solano

Prison has always been a noisy place. So, discovering a place of peace and calm, within the prison, was food to my soul. I’d never meditated before, and it turned out to be something other than what I assumed. In my quest for grounding and finding my spiritual center, meditation was the answer.

BP3 Participant at CSP-SAC

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